Architectural structure consultancy and calculation

We guarantee the simplest and most coherent structure, to enhance your project while simplifying its implementation.
Design + calculation | ISOSTATIKADesign + calculation | ISOSTATIKA

Design + calculation

We are specialists in steel, concrete, wood and stone, as well as foundations and mixed systems.

We optimize the calculation of structures in accordance with regulations and we deliver high-quality, complete and sufficient documentation so as to monitor the work from beginning to end.

Consultancy and research

We like constructive and structural systems, so we try to understand their heritage and artistic value as well as their logic and internal functioning.

At ISOSTATIKA structures are designed from and for architecture. We have the experience and training, as well as the best means and collaborators to be able to carry out any type of analysis or research.

Consultancy and research | ISOSTATIKAConsultancy and research | ISOSTATIKA
Who we are | ISOSTATIKA

Who we are

ISOSTATIKA is a Structure Design and Research studio based in Bilbao, created in 2020 by two architectural partners with extensive experience in the field.

Our mission is to offer other architects simple structural designs that allow them to enhance their architecture, and to do so in the most balanced and environmentally friendly way possible.

“Structure is to architecture as language is to thought “.

Ricardo Aroca