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We like understanding systems and are passionate about challenges in consultancy and research; they motivate us, drive us forward and are a continuous source of training.
Heritage Consultancy and Research | ISOSTATIKAHeritage Consultancy and Research | ISOSTATIKA


At ISOSTATIKA we not only make functional structures, but understand our practice as part of a whole, made up of each historical moment’s approach to construction.

We have participated in the PAGUS program for the rehabilitation of historic town centers in Granada, we collaborated in the study and publication of The Architecture of the Basque Country Village, we work assiduously with the Aranzadi Society of Sciences and we hold a heritage-specific academic qualification (specialty in Heritage Conservation and Restoration Architectural, Polytechnic University of Madrid).

Thanks to this, we have successfully designed and completed numerous structural rehabilitation works in heritage properties.

Building pathologies

We analyze the state of any property before its rehabilitation or structural reform, we detect corrosion, collapses, wood checks, lack of structural stability, cracks, carbonation and other faults to be able to propose, if necessary, the appropriate solution for each project, such as reinforcement of metal structures or carbon fiber.

Pathologies Consultancy and Research| ISOSTATIKAPathologies Consultancy and Research | ISOSTATIKA
Consultancy and Research | ISOSTATIKA

Model on the scale 1:1 of a sliding joint, created in the workshop of Forja Alberdi (Erandio)


We collaborate with various laboratories, geologists and other specialists to improve our proposals every day.

For each proposal we endeavor to determine the needs and propose the most appropriate study: whether analyzing the resistance of the ground by means of a posteriori tests, evaluating the resistance of a wooden structure by ultrasound, carrying out carbonation tests on concrete or measuring its resistance with a sclerometer, or taking an electrical tomography of the terrain.

In addition, we develop these studies, either directly or, if you prefer, by directing you towards external specialists who can carry them out.
We also develop more experimental proposals. In these cases we test them in the workshop before taking them to the build, thanks to our network of collaborators.


We carry out specific studies on the loadbearing capacity in existing buildings in order to provide them with new uses.

We analyze subsidence, landslides, collapses and other problems in the walls of buildings or developments.

We conduct pathology analyses, reports and intervention proposals in buildings of all kinds, whether heritage or not, that may have structural stability problems.

Consultancy and Research Video | ISOSTATIKA

New foundation to improve the menhir in Arribirbileta.


We analyze existing constructions to optimize them and get the most out of them. We study and propose new out-of-the-ordinary solutions, testing them beforehand to guarantee the result.

“Everything is limited to Balance, Rigidity and Strength”


We use software with up-to-date licenses (AutoCad, CYPE) and calculation programs from the main companies of reference in the sector (Rothoblaas, Sika, HILTi, etc.) as well as our own spreadsheets that allow us to pre-size and then check the validity of the results.

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