Reconstruction of Loitzate Farmhouse

The north wall of the farmhouse had collapsed due to a combination of meteorological factors and successive human interventions carried out on the structure over its lifetime. This also brought down most of the roof.
The farmhouse, constructed over several periods, is of undoubted heritage value. It features a stone ‘carrejo’ concourse for Basque games to the front and an original double-arched arcade, as well as a central double pillar beneath the ridge-piece, typical of cider-mill ‘lagar’ farmhouses.

The reconstruction was carried out using artisanal construction techniques, appropriate to the farmhouse’s system of construction (including walls free from the wooden structure, mortise and tenon joints in wood, traditional double-wythe masonry, bastard mortar with lime) and laminated wood was selected as a base material to contrast with the original structure of the farmhouse (hardwood of various periods). The wooden structure was implemented by Anaiak S. L. and the stonework by Javier Devesa.

  • Location // Berriz
  • Structure builders // Anaiak + Javier Devesa
  • Year // 2014
  • Photography// Hibai Agorria
  • Use // Residential
  • Period // 16th century
  • Build type // Reconstruction + Rehabilitation + Heritage
  • Architecture // Traditional architecture + Double-arched arcade + Biscay farmhouse + Heritage
  • Structure type // Wood + Laminated wood + Walling + Stone
  • Construction // Traditional wood construction + Carpentered joints + Stonemasonry + Wood cracks + Collapse + Structural stability + Bastard mortar
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